Sunday 31 January 2016

Change the world with a bunch of squid!

Image: Richard Ling
A bunch of squid? A BUNCH?

That, dear reader, is the problem.

Image: Richard Ling
A murder of crows. A parliament of owls. A gaggle of geese.

A cackle of hyenas. A leap of leopards. A tower of giraffes.

A knot of toads. A shiver of sharks. A... what... of squid?

Image: Daniel Kwok
Of course, the answer SHOULD be squad. A squad of squid. Look at them, they even swim in formation! What else could they possibly be? If lion's have their pride then squid must surely have their squad?

And yet our scientific lords and masters in their ivory towers and submarines appear blissfully unaware of their moral obligation to officially squadify all squid.

This is where you come in. Do you have a big piece of cardboard and a stick? Then make a "SQUAD OF SQUID" placard and tag along with your nearest protest march. Are you a vandal? Then consider spray painting "SQUAD OF SQUID" rather than your delinquent gang symbols. Do you have a squid suit? Several squid suits? Several squid suits and several friends each willing to wear a squid suit? Then walk around town together and if anyone asks, inform them that you're a SQUAD OF SQUID. And say it quite loud so people can overhear.

Or perhaps, before all that, you might consider signing the SQUAD OF SQUID petition. Hopefully that'll get their attention. But I warn you, if that doesn't work, it's squid suits for everyone.