Thursday 28 January 2016

A Worm With Ambition

I love worms that have ambition!

And tentacles.

And there's none better than our old friend, the Squidworm! It looks like they were crawling around in the miles of featureless mud at the bottom of the ocean's abyssal depths when, one day, they looked up into the eternal darkness and saw a squid.

"Hmmm," they thought, "I can do that." And thus, an abomination was born. It's so inspiring! I hope one day I can look like a cross between a squid and a worm. Or a maggot and about five centipedes.


TexWisGirl said...


Joseph JG said...

Diversity is very important, especially when it's so weird looking!

Susan said...

but but but: replace the tentacles with grabbers and it'd look a bit like Anomalocaris!

Joseph JG said...

Oh, wow! You're right. It's like they've picked up some ancient, traditional technology