Friday, 8 March 2013

Sawblade Shrimp

Image: Noodlefish
It's the stick insect of the sea!

Image: Noodlefish
It's straight down the middle!
Tozeuma is a genus containing several weird, elongated shrimp. They don't all spend their time on the branches of Whip Corals, but the ones that do display some amazing camouflage!

A goby on a shrimp on a coral.
Lots of camouflage here!

Tozeuma shrimp have long, slender bodies and several long, slender appendages stretched out in front of their long, slender face. The overall effect is extremely long and slender - perfect for hiding among the long, slender branches of their coral home.

Image: Elias Levy
Banded Sawblade Shrimp, Tozeuma armatum
The Banded Sawblade Shrimp even has lots of stripes which help to break up their outline amidst the surrounding tentacles.

Image: Elias Levy
Banded Sawblade Shrimp, Tozeuma armatum
And this species only reaches 5 cm (2 in) long, so they're extremely difficult to spot. Keep those eyes peeled!


TexWisGirl said...

really, really cool! :)

Joseph JG said...

I thought so!

Pedro Silva said...

I love these posts, specially the ones about awesome crustaceans like this one.
Great job!

Joseph JG said...

Thank you! I'm very impressed with crustaceans, I had no idea so many of them were so interesting!

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