Tuesday 14 February 2012

Oooo, shirts!

So I get an email essentially saying "free custom t-shirts from ooshirts.com?"

At first I'm like:

"O RLY?"
"and you are?"
"so you claim, so you claim".

I checked it out a little and free shirts appeared to be an increasingly likely outcome, as opposed to "loads of money mysteriously disappeared from your account".

So I done it and I got 'em.


On the ooshirts website I was able to put up a massive, approximately life-size jpeg I made out of a Scalable Vector Graphics file I designed in Inkscape (it's free and I love it).

Ooshirts has all their email, phone number and some other stuff for you to contact them, which is pretty good, but I didn't need to make use of anything other than email.

I may not know a huge amount about t-shirts, but I know what I like. And this, I like!

I got 2 copies and chose a different size for each one. One is big and fits me great. The other was huge and would probably be ideal for a bit of crip walking. Maybe Ice Cube will come round and repeatedly urge me to keep it gangsta. That would be nice!

I'm very impressed with the print quality. All the lines and colours look great, and even the squiggly underline was really precise.

It even had the appropriate holes for my arms and neck. It's quite extraordinary what technology can do these days! I'm extremely satisfied!

Are there any t-shirt experts, gurus or analysts out there?

What do you think?


TexWisGirl said...

way cool! :)

Joseph JG said...

Yeh! I thought so!

Crunchy said...

I've always found that stylized angler quite aesthetically pleasing.

Joseph JG said...

Thanks a lot! I'm quite pleased with it!