Thursday 16 February 2012

Me and My Shirt!


I hate smiling. It's fine when there's an actual reason to smile, but grinning idiotically at a camera like an actor wildly gesticulating at a blue screen? Nah.

Still, it's tradition. Plus you get to see my snazzy shirt from in the wild!

Did you know it's "social media week"? Seems to be a bunch of conferences or something. I don't really know. I did however get a little social and went to a London Bloggers Meetup.

The panellists were:

Matt Brown from Londonist
Annie Mole from Going Underground
Sian Meades from Domestic Sluttery
Tom Jones from Tired of London Tired of Life

It was Matt who took a few pictures of me. He made me feel quite sexy and as you can see, it got a little steamy. My camera in his manly hands was something to behold as he masterfully attacked me with his flash from more angles than I'd ever thought possible.

He tried his best, anyway.

A fella called Godwyns from Justice for Gay Africans even read a few poems! After a show of hands it was clear that the audience wanted something soft rather hard. I think I'm right in saying that what followed was a passionate rendition of hardcore, pornographic sex with a snowman. Or perhaps I'm a little old-fashioned. Maybe it's a "poet thing"?

Of particular note is the fact that the guy from Movie-Moron called me The Monster Man! I shall call him The Movie Master. Partly because I can't remember his name and I'm not entirely sure I've ever even heard it. It's one of those potentially awkward things, but somehow we all get along really well with little more than the word "you". Phew!

I also found myself in another picture from another meetup. We're all watching a guy talk. I'm not like, just standing there! Not at that point, anyway :P.

Some day I'll get a picture of myself standing on a hillside with beautiful lighting and an aspirational background. Then you'll all realise I'm sexiest thing you have ever been in contact with.

'Til then, be nice!


autopsyjude said...

haha i actually thought you were a red head because of that redhead post you did a while back. whoops haha

Joseph JG said...

Ha! That's funny! No, that post was entirely in bad taste and I don't even have solidarity as a back-up.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I can finally put a face with the name! I'm glad someone captured a JJG out in the wild! :-)

Joseph JG said...

:D I don't think I'm quite using social media week in the way it was intended but I think I'm using it well!

TexWisGirl said...

nice to SEE you!!!