Saturday 7 January 2012

I am a MAJOR!

The lovely lady at has given me a MAJOR AWARD! Isn't it beautiful? I remember coming across her blog when I was looking up Vampire Squid. Oddly enough, I'd already written about that charismatic cutie so I guess I was just checking out what other people had to say. Little did I know that my travels would one day result in this most illustrious of events!

The Sun is right now rising and the very air at my window appears golden.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations again! You actually inspired the CREATION of the first annual Major Award. :-)

Joseph JG said...

@shewalkssoftly: That is so cool! Thank you!

@TexWisGirl: :D

Crunchy said...

Gratz! You earned it!

Joseph JG said...

Darn right! Thanks, Crunchy!