Wednesday 22 June 2011


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Real Monstrosities,
Happy Birthday to you!

Real Monstrosities has reached the grand old age of 1 today!

It's one year (and 12 hours) since I clicked on that all important PUBLISH button having first put fingertip to keyboard to write all about the Deep Sea Anglerfish. That was not so long after my first time ever seeing a real one in a jar and being amazed at how tiny it was. Of course, there are loads of Deep Sea Anglerfish and they aren't all so small. We'll see more about them all some day.

Anyway, I'm quite amazed that I've managed to last this long. I'm usually one of those fellows who's really great and committed to stuff for a while and then just, sort of... stop. This time, I eventually set myself a blogging schedule that I've managed to stick to all the way up until now. I really didn't think I would have it in me!

I've seen other blogs that go through some retrospective of the year. I don't know... all I'll say is that I've had ups and downs. Downs usually coming right after the ups, but usually not going quite so far down as before. Progress, basically. Which is nice, really, really nice. I'm not, like, all crazy with ambition, but neither am I "blogging for myself and if anyone reads it, that's a bonus". Nope. People reading it is mandatory.

So thanks for reading it!

Thank you to all the glancers, readers, subscribers, commenters, linkers, sharers and passers-by (who I guess won't see this) who have all contributed to Real Monstrosities over the past year.

You are all very much appreciated and keep at bay the gnawing jealousies and dark thoughts of abject futility! Woo!

Three cheers to that!

Three cheers to you!


TexWisGirl said...

ha ha! abject futility!!! God bless you!

and happy blogiversary!!!

Simsmac said...

Thanks for your dedication, Comment1! Congrats on surviving one year! Don't stop now. :) I love this blog.

Emma Springfield said...

I look forward to many more years.

Lauren said...


Joseph JG said...

@texwisgirl: Thank you!

@Simsmac: My pleasure... mostly! Sometimes "survive" is exactly the word. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog, welcome to the comments section!

@Emma: Many more years... wow! Here's hoping/what a daunting thought/here's hoping!

@Lauren: Thanks Lauren!

Snip Snip said...

Monstrocities indeed! I encountered my first house centipede the other day and quite frankly it made me skin crawl. Attempts to capture it and get it out of my room failed: Those buggers are FAST! I now proceed with caution every time I enter my room.

Joseph JG said...

Hi, Snip Snip! I don't at all blame you for your House Centipede reaction, they seem to be specifically made to look utterly horrible. The fact that they can run fast on all those legs just adds insult to injury. I guess they would disagree with that, though.

Anyway, thanks for popping in! Much appreciated.

Snip Snip said...

You got that right! :P Very interesting blog you have here. I love animals. Bugs.. not so much!

Joseph JG said...

Thank you very much! I hope you'll be able to stick around, even if you might have to shut your eyes now and again :P

Fuzzball Dave said...

happy birthday!

Joseph JG said...

Many thanks, Mr. Dave!

Crunchy said...

Happy birthday! Thanks for entertaining my crustacean-related requests! :D

Joseph JG said...

Thanks, Crunchy! And you're very welcome, it was a pleasure.