Wednesday 4 April 2018


Toxodera are mimics of the living and the dead!

Toxodera is a small genus containing a handful of Southeast Asian mantids, some or all of which are sometimes called Dragon Mantises.

Aaaaand that's about all I know...

Video: Exo Factory

Except for the fact that they look truly stunning!

They're obviously masters of camouflage, whether they use leafy leg accessories and swaying motion to hide among the leaves, or twiggy textures and rigid stillness to hide in the branches.

Leaves be green or leaves be brown
Toxodera will not frown.
Leaves be brown or leaves be green
Toxodera goes unseen.


Maria Thulin said...

Oh! Toxodera poetry! Nice :)

Joseph JG said...

I've been known to do a bit of rhyming now and again :)

Maria Thulin said...

Wow ! Not only strange animals, but strange animals poetry as well :)

MyntraMiller said...

What a rich combination. Unusual fauna. Delightful verse. And beautiful photos. Whip them up in a juicer for a delicious drink!