Friday 4 September 2015

Egyptian Sea Star

Image: Alexander Vasenin
Gomophia egyptiaca
It's what I've always wanted!

A demonic starfish.

Image: divemecressi
Sometimes you tire of the hellhounds, demon-giants and winged beasts of Hell.

Sometimes you want to catch your breath with something a little... slower.

Image: divemecressi
Thus comes the Egyptian Sea Star in all its devilish glory.

They live in the Red Sea, that long sliver of ocean that lies between North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Image: Rob
But evil can't be expected to stay in one place! Even if it's a starfish that takes ages to get anywhere. Evil has eons. So the Eygptian Sea Star is actually widespread. They can also be found from Sri Lanka to China, Japan and northern Australia.

You just can't keep evil down. Especially when it's covered in several armfuls of spikes.