Monday 3 August 2015

Worm in a Wig?

We all know how dark and drab it is in the abyssal depths of the sea. All is inky blackness, with the bottom composed primarily of deserts of mud decorated with drab stones.

So it's wonderful when the denizens of the deep come forward to add a bit of colour and light to the place. From the myriad of luminescent organs to the pink corals and glowing sponges, everyone is trying to spruce up their surroundings a little.

Video: EVNautilus

Even the worms!

Apparently this is some kind of terebellid, or spaghetti worm. It looks somewhat chunkier than the ones found in shallow waters. More eye-catching too, with its clownish wig of bright yellow tentacles.

Spaghetti worms usually hide in burrows with only their tentacles emerging to catch food, but the deep sea is where the meek inherit the earth! So this guy appears comfortable just resting on the sea floor, hiding under his wig. He can also use it to swim away and escape the unwanted attentions of curious, robot arms.

Those robot arms have been getting way too curious, lately. Sometimes they're downright impolite!


Lear's Fool said...

Way to annoy wormy, unknown ROV operator!

Joseph JG said...

People are so rude when they get robotic arms. It's the anonymity, I think.