Wednesday 8 October 2014

Emperor Shrimp

Image: Nick Hobgood
Periclimenes imperator
The Emperor will see you now...

Image: Daniel Kwok
The Emperor dressed in royal orange...
His Most Regal Majesty, Periclimenes imperator, is the grandest and most illustrious member of the already grand and illustrious Periclimenes bloodline.

Image: Klaus Stiefel
His diamond-studded cloak plus gloves and leggings of Imperial purple
Many noble and talented persons bear his name; leaders such as P. rex, P. magnificus and P. iridescens; the royal inquisitor P. investigatoris; the celebrated lawmaker P. scribus; the gifted scientis P. digitalis; and the totally guilt-free PR agent P. obscurus, to name but a few.

Also P. ordinarius, but we don't talk about him much.

Image: Carmel Vernia
The Emperor is very catholic in his choice of mount...
Many Periclimenes shrimp live their lordly lives in luxurious castles - living castles such as sea anemones and corals who work tirelessly to attract food for their glorious inhabitants.

Image: Daniel Kwok
And he may alter his attire to suit
Some adventurous Periclimenes prefer a life in dignified motion. They are pleased to make their homes upon mighty steeds such as starfish and sea cucumbers who traverse the ocean floor at a stately pace.

But the fleetest and most awe-inspiring abodes are the exclusive province of His Most Regal Majesty.

Image: prilfish
The Emperor and Empress abide within the palatial surroundings of the Spanish Dancer, a vast and exquisitely decorated nudibranch of the Indo-Pacific.

Despite her monumental size, the Spanish Dancer is uniquely endowed with the ability to rise from the sea floor and swim ostentatiously through the water.

Image: prilfish
The Emperor in his role as ambassador
Our gracious Emperor travels with speed and style to attend pressing engagements.

With their official duties complete, the Imperial Couple may walk the sumptuous promenades. The choicest foods the sea has to offer are laid at their feet for their punctilious delectation.

Image: Thierry Cailleux
An Emperor aboard his golden Dancer
They may also visit the orchard, where the six gills of the Spanish Dancer rise up like trees each laden with delicious fruits of the sea.

But our Emperor is benevolent! What he takes with one purple claw he gives with the other. Even as he eats to satisfy his splendid and exalted hunger, he also cleanses his loyal Dancer of mite and mire which may otherwise do her harm.

Video: EunJae Im

All hail the Emperor!

And those who refuse to show rightful obeisance will be in hot water indeed. The brothers P. hydrothermophilus and P. thermohydrophilus are most rigorous in their... duties.


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