Friday 15 June 2012

White Mushroom Sponge


Sponges of the genus Caulophacus look just like little, white mushrooms.

Can you believe that's just about everything I could find out about them

It seems they are found at a whole range of depths from the surface to the deep. Probably in the world, somewhere.

At least we get to see how that wiry and rather hairy stalk appears to be cemented into position. One wonders if it's working like an umbrella.

Have you ever had an umbrella and then there's a gust of wind so strong you thought you could fly off like Mary Poppins?

Well, sort of like that, but only for catching the current and whatever little bits of food may be in there.

Come to think of it, that's not how an umbrella 'works' at all! It's more of an unfortunate side-effect. Particularly since it usually results in your umbrella becoming inverted and turning into a good way of holding a puddle above your head. That's not how umbrellas are supposed to work, either.