Wednesday 6 June 2012

Blunthead Tree Snake

Image: Roland & Sonja via Flickr
Is this not the cutest little snake you've ever seen?

Image: ggallice via Flickr
Or some weird alien thing with cat's eyes. Cutest little alien thing, though!

Image: ggallice via Flickr
Its head is too big for its body.

Image: Camilo Hdo via Flickr
And its eyes are too big for its head. This = cute.

Imantodes cenchoa is a nocturnal, tree-dwelling snake from Central and South America. It eats lizards, frogs and the eggs of reptiles and frogs.

Image: Todd W Pierson via Flickr
They reach some 80 cm (31 in) long but are so slim they remain light enough to slither along branches and leaves.

Image: Roland & Sonja via Flickr
I think it should be called the Anime Snake. If you know of a living thing that better blends the sweet and the sinister (aside from sleeping babies who are just about to cry at 3 in the morning, or toddlers who appear possessed by malevolent forces from beyond our mortal realm whenever they have temper tantrums), I'd like to hear it! I don't think such a thing is possible.


TexWisGirl said...

it really is adorable! skinny, ropy body and that cute face!

Joseph JG said...

I'm so glad you agree! They're like little puppy snakes!