Wednesday 27 July 2011

Hairy Angler

The Hairy Angler is grim. It looks utterly furious and will probably consume your soul as you stand there, using nothing but its beady glare before eating the rest of you. She's a female, of course.

All those stringy things about her aren't the fish equivalent of Medusa'a writhing snakes, they're sensory filaments to feel her surroundings as she quietly sneers into the darkness. Her fins also end in more of these filaments and it all looks very scary indeed. She's also (whisper it) kinda fat.

She must surely be the mother-in-law from Hell.

My mother-in-law came to stay. I said "my house is your house" so she sold it.

You can thank someone from Vaudeville for that one, I can't remember who.

globalzoo, video also includes the Gulper Eel

Can you believe she's only about 15 cm long? They have been found in various parts of the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific Oceans at depths between 900 and 1,250 metres. Parasitic males have also been found. He's less than an inch long and is stuck to her side, a mere appendage. Does that make her the wife from Hell? He's a bit more than just hen-pecked but then he doesn't even have to feed himself. Maybe it's just a normal, happy marriage? Maybe that's what she looks like when she's blissfully happy?


TexWisGirl said...

LOL! mother-in-law from hell! :)

i'm sorry but i'd be cranky too if my 'husband', puny little thing that he is, is stuck to my side. little leech...

Joseph JG said...

Yeh, I get pretty annoyed at watering the plants after a while! I couldn't take a leech at all, neither real nor metaphorical.

Anonymous said...

Creepy! Remind me not to go swimming over a mile under water. >.>

I love the site redesign! Looks very cool! :D

Joseph JG said...

Haha! I'll remind you for sure, and not only because of the fish, more for the lack of submarine.

And thanks for the compliment! I'm glad I could get everything looking so clean and smooth.