Friday 14 July 2017

Divided Flatworm

Image: Zack
Pseudoceros dimidiatus
Is the Divided Flatworm really divided?

It's certainly indecisive...

Image: Bernard DUPONT

Image: Richard Ling
Mega-thick stripes?

Image: Mark Rosenstein
A few teardrops along the edge?

Image: Mark Rosenstein
More than a few?

Image: Thierry Cailleux
How about the tiger look?

Divided Flatworms can reach up to 8 cm (3 in) in length and are widespread in the Indian and West Pacific Oceans.

Underneath it all, they're black with an orange margin around the edge. On that they agree. But once the yellow-green stripes and patterns come into play it's every flatworm for him/herself.

Speaking of which, they're hermaphrodite. No decision made there! When two frisky Divided Flatworms meet they engage in a penis-fencing match to decide which one's going to be left carrying the eggs.

If that's how they make decisions maybe it's best they just don't?


elfinelvin said...

I didn't realize the nudibranch had such impressive competition in the dress-up category. Cool!

Joseph JG said...

Yeah, when flatworms get out of other people's bodies and give up the old parasitism they can really put on a show!

Esther said...

Even on the orange border they can't pick a standard thickness. Such chaos!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

And I am unanimous in this!

Joseph JG said...

@Esther: So many options!

@snaggletoothdoofus: Definitely!

@Susan DA: Ha! Hopefully, we can show the flatworm how it's done!

Anonymous said...

A divided flatworm was asked if it wanted to stay or go to the party.
The flatworm responded "I don't know, I'm divided."

Joseph JG said...

They're dressed for both!