Wednesday 12 July 2017

Bubble Gum Oasis

It's a Bubble Gum Coral!

Isn't it beautiful? Sort of? Underneath it all, maybe?

It's a real oasis, a splash of colour in the darkness of the deep sea, a point of knobbly interest in a desert of rock and mud. And so it's covered in... stuff—clambering crabs, squirming Snake Stars and a whole lot of mysterious, green tendril things.

Apparently, that green stuff is probably some kind of sponge or even algae that got caught in the branches after drifting on the current. That's why you must always dispose of bubble gum responsibly. Even in the deep sea, it has a tendency to attract random bits of fluff.


John Meszaros said...

I'm intrigued by that green, ropey stuff clinging to it. If it's a sponge, that's a pretty crazy-looking sponge. If it's algae, it certainly drifted down a long way. Though I suppose that's not all that uncommon.

Joseph JG said...

It's a strange decoration, whatever it is.

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Joseph JG said...

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