Wednesday 5 April 2017

Eyelashes Onna Stick

Image: NOAA Photo Library
Actinoscyphia sp.
The Venus Flytrap Anemone is 100% pure eyelashes!

With, er, stinging cells and a carnivorous appetite attached.

Image: NOAA Photo Library
You can't say they don't give fair warning. I mean, they're as orange as a construction worker's safety vest.

They also look like victims of The Eyeshadow Murderer. That's the one that leaves his victims with shadows where their eyes should be.

Any fish or shrimp or some such with a little too much investigative interest in that cavernous eye socket is liable to learn something very interesting indeed.

Those aren't just eyelashes. They're pain-inducing prison bars. And there's a stomach not far away just aching to say hello.

Image: NOAA Photo Library
You live and learn.

Well. You learn, at least.

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