Friday, 24 February 2017

Doto varaderoensis

Image: Linda Ianniello
I'm sure this sea slug is meant to avoid predators by using camouflage...

But I can't help but think that it avoids predators by looking contagious.

Image: Linda Ianniello
D. varaderoensis is a nudibranch from various parts of the Caribbean.

It only reaches 1 cm (0.4 in) long, so it can't rely on physical prowess to defend itself. Not much for hand to hand combat is our little nudibranch. Especially since it doesn't have any hands.

Image: Linda Ianniello
And so it goes for camouflage, instead. Now it looks exactly like the victim of a terrible, gut-bursting, flesh-curdling disease!

It also looks a bit like the hydroids it eats. That works too, I suppose.


Unknown said...

or something I dug out of the back of my fridge far, far too late.

Unknown said...

That could work as a defensive thing, too. You are what other people don't eat!

Doanh Doanh said...

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