Friday 5 August 2016

Jewelled Chameleon

Image: Bernard DUPONT
Furcifer campani

What camouflage?

Image: Canvaschams
OK. Let it be known that Jewelled Chameleons can turn all pale green when they want to disappear amongst the leaves.

It's just that they often don't want to do that.

Image: Andrea Schieber
When they're keen to be seen they change their colours from a stealthy pale green with slightly paler green stripes to very nearly black and white!

That way all their various spots and stripes can really pop out in blue, yellow, orange and red colour.

Image: fredshome
Jewelled Chameleons are very much on the small side at only 14 cm (6 in) long and they're found only in a small sliver of land in Madagascar.

Just look for the beadwork in the trees.


TexWisGirl said...

really something!

Joseph JG said...

They're certainly that!