Wednesday 14 October 2015

Carpet Flatworm

Image: Seascapeza
Thysanozoon brocchii
Oooooo, look at that shaggy carpet! Can't you feel the soft papillae tickle your feet and squelch between your toes?

The Carpet Flatworm is a free-living, Turbellerian flatworm that's not quite as flat as most other flatworms.

Video: Isabel Rubio

It can reach somewhere between 5 and 8 cm (2 to 3 in) long and its whole body, from head-like area to tail-type bit is covered in fleshy papillae, or "weird finger-things".

So they're more of a shaggy carpet flatworm than the smooth, colourful Persian Carpet Flatworm. Also their colours are reminiscent of such delicious loveliness as chocolate, vanilla and caramel.

Image: Parent Géry
They look utterly yummy! And just perfect for any gingerbread house or secret chocolate room.

Carpet Flatworms have been found all over the place from New Zealand to the Gulf of Mexico and South Africa to the Mediterranean. This is good! You never want to be too far from a chocolatey carpet. Even a wormy one.


Lear's Fool said...

Ooh, it's one of Vasagi's carpet creatures from the Necroscope books!

Joseph JG said...

I hadn't heard of that I'm afraid, but it's called necroscope so it must be good!