Friday, 17 July 2015

Rhinocochlis nasuta

Image: Bernard DUPONT
Look at this curly-wurly leaf! It looks just like...

Image: Stepanka Nemcova
A snail!

This little beauty comes from certain parts of Borneo, in southeast Asian.

Image: Marzuki, Mohammad Effendi
Their inch-long shell loses all its colour after death but it still retains its graceful, artistic lines.

Some snails just can't help but leave a good-looking corpse! Not so great at living fast, though...


elfinelvin said...

Lovely! I would much rather have live ones than an empty shell sitting around collecting dust.

Unknown said...

So true! They're much prettier in life.

Unknown said...

This is sad such precious sea animals are at verge of extinct due to human dangerous activities but lastest research is great remedial content for those who really want to save biodiversity.

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