Friday, 28 June 2013

Jeweled Top Snail

Image: Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory
Calliostoma annulatum
Him: "I couldn't afford a diamond ring so I tied a snail to a bit of string instead."

Her: "It's BEAUTIFUL!"

Image: Ken-ichi Ueda
The Jeweled Top Snail is a marine snail...

Image: Renee V
Who rides around in the equivalent of a gold-plated limousine.

Image: Wikipedia
Actually, it's probably a tighter fit in there so it's probably more like something a little smaller. Still covered in gold and jewels, though!

Video: BMSCLive

These dazzling gastropods reach about 2 cm (an inch) long and inspire jealousy among fellow inhabitants of kelp forests from Alaska to California.

Image: Steve Lonhart (SIMoN / MBNMS)
They're omnivorous, feasting on the actual kelp as well as algae and various encrusting creatures like hydroids and bryozoans. They may even feed on the corpses of dead fish!

Image: California Academy of Sciences
"May I just say that it is my greatest pleasure to contribute my cold, rotting flesh to the continued splendour of your most illustrious carriage.

It's what I would've wanted"


TexWisGirl said...

wow! looks like something straight out of thailand! wow!!!

Joseph Jameson-Gould said...

Must be strange to know it lives so close to you!

Daniel Berke said...

That's one pretty snail!

Joseph Jameson-Gould said...

I know! It really looks like it's covered in tiny, carefully placed jewels!

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