Wednesday 22 May 2013

Borneo Forestdragon

Image: Bernard DUPONT
Gonocephalus borneensis
Oh, dear. Fashion is such a fickle business. After all that time growing a mohawk from your neck up, it turns out you should have been growing it from your neck down! Darn... and you only just waxed your back after getting rid of the dorsal dreadlocks.

The Borneo Forestdragon comes from Borneo, in southeast Asia. They live in luscious, humid rainforests but I don't think they're actual dragons. I can only assume dragons are some kind of reptilian subculture who leave their squat every afternoon to strut around and gurn at passers-by.

Image: Bernard DUPONT
Only the males have a full length crest of quite so impressive proportions. The females have a much smaller crest, but are more brightly coloured.

Image: Bernard DUPONT
They belong to a group known as the Angle-headed Lizards and have huge eyes for spotting insects to stuff into their angle-heads.

Video: wazoologist

Borneo Forestdragons are arboreal, which means they spend all their time clambering around in trees. Perhaps they have another chapter known as the Borneo Citydragons?

Image: Bernard DUPONT
They can reach a total length of some 40 cm (16 inches), but the tail can be more than twice as long as the rest of the body! I wonder if that's a result of extreme body modification?


TexWisGirl said...

they're rather cute! even with their big eyes!

Joseph JG said...

I agree!