Friday, 28 December 2012

Is Faeces Brain Food?

He stood before the crowd with all the casual self-assurance and authority of a good-natured boss sharing a drink with his subordinates. In his hand was a small, brown ball.

"This is poo" he said as he playfully threw the brown ball into the air and caught it, a smile playing on his lips as the crowd chuckled in just the way he knew they would.

Holding the small, brown ball in his thumb and finger for all to see, he went on "and what I want to do today is share my passion for poo with you."

But for one member of the audience, it would never matter how interesting or amusing his talk would be...

"Passion?" said the Dung Beetle. "You call that passion?"


TexWisGirl said...


Joseph JG said...


Anonymous said...

Everything I wanted to know about dung beetles but was afraid to ask!

Joseph JG said...

I'm pretty much always afraid to ask when dung is involved!

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