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Naturally, this site is written and maintained using absolutely nothing but the Goodness of My Heart. As it turns out though, My Heart requires the sustenance of food and copious amounts of chocolate. Whilst I'm not personally a farmer, baker or chocolate making guy, there are people all over the world who involve themselves in exactly these activities. Which is great! But it turns out they mainly do it for "money". Clearly then, I have to find myself "money" or I'll run out of food, run out of chocolate, My Heart will run out of Goodness and YOU might run out of Real Monstrosities. CALAMITY!

In situations like this I always look toward to the words and wisdom of one man, a man who has been a staple of all that is Good in this world for as long as I can remember and beyond, a man who seeks tirelessly to bridge the chasm of misunderstanding and distrust between the world of Homo Sapiens and the world of everything else that lives. The man, Sir David Attenborough.

Starting in 1979, Sir David Attenborough set about creating a body of work which would eventually encompass all the major groups of life on Earth, their habitats, behaviours and experiences in all their wonderous and monstrous diversity. Armed with love, passion and the latest technological advances, the result is nothing short of a Wonder of the World, an Act of Immortatilty, a Gift to Humanity and to Life Itself.

I want you to experience the Glory. I want everyone to experience the Glory but most of all YOU, because you're HERE, which clearly means you're WONDERFUL!

There's also the interesting fact that if you buy any of it by clicking on the links on this blog to reach the vendor, I get a little bit of commission. That's interesting, isn't it? To me at least! Why don't we take a closer look at what are the terraces that compose this stunning edifice:

1. Life on Earth

Where better to start than with everything? 12 hours of viewing and 3 years in the making, if you don't count the 3.5 billion years of life that is!

2. The Living Planet

A look at how life has managed to colonise just about every environment on Earth. Over 12 episodes we explore everything from the jungle to the desert, from the Artic to volcanos and everywhere, we find life.
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3. The Trials of Life

A look at the infinite variety of behaviour among animals. Finding food, escaping predators, building a home and finding a mate, all are necessary and all pose a unique challenge that must be overcome.

4. Life in the Freezer

A look at the remarkable adaptations and strategies that allow survival in the frozen wasteland of the Antarctic.
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5. The Private Life of Plants

Advanced technology is used to unfurl the often ignored yet astonishingly vicious and desperate struggle for survival in the world of plants. You may never look at grass in quite the same way again!

6. The Life of Birds

A look at birds and how they meet the challenges of life. The latest camera technology is used to create truly beautiful and awe inspiring footage.
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7. The Life of Mammals

The journey of some of Earth's most adaptable and successful animals, from tiny shrews to top predators like the lion, from the whale in the ocean to Man himself, who gets all over the place.
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8. Life in the Undergrowth

The most widespread and numerous creatures of them all. We take a look at insects and arachnids in environments all over the world, and watch in horror at which ones have found the kitchen and bedroom the best home of them all.
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9. Life in Cold Blood

The vibrant and diverse world of reptiles and amphibians. Fearsome snakes and crocodiles, acrobatic tree frogs and the simply perculiar chameleon, all are brought to life through astounding footage and narration.
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10. The Blue Planet

The huge diversity of life in the Earth's oceans. We take a look at seals at the shorelines and birds that dive into the water's surface, we stare agape at the alien lifeforms of the deep sea and the Abyssal plane, and we do everthing in between.
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11. Planet Earth

An epic journey across the world to find it's variety of habitat and the creatures that live in them. As usual, we are blessed with never-before-seen footage including the breath taking site of a snow leopard on the hunt in the Himalayas.
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12. Nature's Great Events

The incredible lengths animals go to to survive in a changing world, including epic migrations to where the grass really is greener. We join their journey and find stories that fill us with wonder, or break our hearts.

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13. Life

A journey across the globe to investigate the strategies employed by animals as they seek to survive, hunt or escape predation. Full of new footage of never-before-seen behaviours, Life is full of the unexpected.
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