Sunday, 1 April 2018

Nightmare Catcher

Image: Frank Vassen
A Nightmare Catcher flitters through the rainforests of Bolivia, sticky net in hand.

Some say she feeds on nightmares, her gut so full of concentrated horror that the mere sight of her causes night terrors.

Others say that's silly, and she probably eats moths.

Still others say, "Yeah, that's what I meant. I actually have a terrible phobia of moths."

The IUCN's List of Threatened Species lists the Nightmare Catcher as 'Be Concerned. Be Very Concerned.'


Maria Thulin said...

Hahaha...a spider with vampire wings? I guess it sucks blood too? What a nightmare...

Unknown said...

Do you think that an evolutionary result like this could be possible for a spider?

Unknown said...

You totally got me.. first time I've been tricked by a April fools in 20 years. Good job!

Unknown said...

@Maria Thulin: You know it!

@Kenar Houghton: I doubt it. Certainly not batwings like that, there are too many new body parts involved. Perhaps they could repurpose a leg or two? But then they couldn't really do powered flight because they wouldn't have the oxygen for it. There's a reason spiders spend so much time not doing anything.

I'd love to see a spider glide, though. Maybe spin some silk between two pairs of legs on either side and just soar through the air!

@Kheiran K: Hahaha! Sweet! I might reward myself with another Easter egg!

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Unknown said...

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