Friday 20 September 2013

JAWS: Bobbit Worm

Image: Ria Tan,
It's always a treat to catch up on the murderous antics of old friends!

Bobbit Worms are those terrifying annelids who grow as long as a man is tall but have a bite significantly more terrifying than even the hungriest, most enthusiastic of Hannibal Lecters.

Here's one relaxing in its burrow, three antennae twitching as they sniff out the surroundings. Unfortunately, Bobbit Worms relax by plotting, planning and preparing to kill. It's like their version of crosswords and sudoku.

So when a Lionfish wanders by, the Bobbit Worm is only too glad to get to work. Far too glad. She bites the succulent underbelly with her fearsome jaws and then drags the body down, deep into her dark chasm of death and dismemberment which she jokingly calls her abattoir-cum-dining room.

Bobbit Worm dinner parties are very... messy.


  1. Great post! We think the Bobbit Worm looks like the Hammerpede. Ew!

  2. I certainly see the resemblance! I think there's something special about the Bobbit's antler-jaws though!

  3. (evil laugh ensues) 'mwahahahahaha...'

  4. I'm sure evil laughs can be heard emanating from deep within those underground burrows... Creepy!

  5. I love that they accidentally chop things in half sometimes. That's just delightfully wrong.

    @Jay . . they call that a hammerpede? Seriously? Did ANYBODY involved in Prometheus have the slightest clue what biology was?

  6. It must be great to chop things in half by accident sometimes. Like a crazy gangster demonstrating how utterly mad and unpredictable he is. You always need one of the gangsters to be like that!

  7. @Joseph
    That DOES make the name even more disturbing, doesn't it?

  8. Hahahah! Yes! Always use protection!

  9. bobbit. is. a. worm.