Saturday 10 August 2013

Monstrous Heraldry!

I played a bit of Crusader Kings II, got interested in all the coats of arms and heraldic doo-dads, learnt a bit about them and then this came out:

The official, fancy-dan description of these things is called a blazon. They're all weird and old and traditional. I shall attempt one now:

Sable, a feather star Gules, armed Or. Ensigned with a squid with arms and tentacles all Gules, clubs each with four suckers Or.

And for a motto: Where My Tentacles Lead

I'm basically certain I got that wrong somewhere, but in other words it's a black shield with a red and gold Feather Star and then a red squid on top with gold suckers.

This one is based more on ecclesiastical heraldry than the usual swords 'n' Sirs stuff but I'd definitely imprint my wax seals with it!