Monday 14 November 2011

Microscopic Worlds, a great video!

I saw this and just had to share, it's amazing!

In the original post you can find out all the labours that went into making it. There were many! Also, the galleries at Microworlds Photography have lots of incredible microscope images to gawp at.

The video features several familiar characters, like Copepods, Water Bears and the squishy, all-conquering tower of malice that is the Hydra. There are also a whole lot more we'll have to get round to!


  1. Wow, I finally caught up with your posts! I have been reading them for a few weeks, oldest first... and I must say I have had great fun! Thanks for your work, showing us that life on Earth is not all that boring as it often seems!

  2. Wow! I remember you saying that back in Vampire Squid. I can't believe you made it! I can't believe you tried it! I'm stunned! Thanks a lot!